JFKS Berlin - Class of '82

ALL 80s reunion weekend 2022

Class of ’82 Reunion Weekend Aftermath

and 40th Reunion at the PAN AM Lounge

The Class of ’86 made the gracious gesture of organizing a JFKS reunion for all grades in the 1980's classes in June 2022– thank you!!

We propose that after the jam-packed All-80's Reunion Weekend, it would be great for the Class of '82 to get together for an intimate evening at a legendary location from the good old days. 

Catch up with the people you didn't have a chance to talk to over the weekend. Stroll from one group of friends to another on the amazing terrace of the PAN AM Lounge. 

Enjoy the view of downtown West Berlin, have a bite, a drink, and celebrate the time we spent together all over again, a good forty years later…

Monday, June 27, 2022

Cover Charge vs. Costs

Please note that the cover charge only pays for food and drinks per person, not venue and staff.

We don't want cost to get in the way of seeing as many classmates and friends as possible. So we're looking for a few more sponsors who are willing to chip in 500 to 1,000 Euros to make it easier for everyone to be there.  All donors will be kept anonymous. Sponsors will receive an itemized P&L and if we run a profit, we will donate it.

This event is about getting all of our class together again 'cause it's been a long time!!  The past four decades have been good for some classmates, but for others it may not be as easy to pay for this. If you have suffered hardship we still need you there. Come for free but sign up like everyone else. Free tickets will be handled anonymously.

We're using PayPal to collect the cover charges so we have an accurate head-count and we can make the advance payments to the event space. After you sign up, we will provide you with the information on how to make your PayPal payment.

If circumstances (like COVID-19 pandemic gave us another highly contagious variant) force us to cancel the event, we can cancel the venue up to 4 weeks before the event. In that case everyone will be reimbursed.

Who is We?

A handful of Class of ’82 students who would like to have a very special and relaxed gathering, in a place made for memories.   

This includes, in no particular order, Tube, Miriam Falco, Andi & Hinu Vita, Lars Asmis, John Hagen, Susan Woosley, Stephanie Wilhelm (Carroll), Michael Flötgen, and Alexander Kollmorgen.

Sign Up for Tickets or Sponsor

Do it now. We need to know how many are coming. You will receive PayPal payment instructions. If you have questions please check the FAQ or use the contact form there.